Take time to make things that last

We don’t do things haphazard. Every concrete project from beginning to end uses quality materials and traditional processes.

WE take pride in our work

We guarantee our work will last for many years to come. We’ll come give you a free estimate of work. Once you accept a bid, Cardenas construction will get started right away surveying the area, securing the best materials, and scheduling a time to come start your new project.

Every concrete project will take care to use traditional construction processes using steel rebar for enforcement. Central Iowa gets cold, so we ensure your concrete will hold up to the changing weather throughout the seasons.

We work fast but we work right. After we set the rebar and the correct forms needed for a project, our team at Cardenas Construction works by hand moving the concrete into place.

The concrete gets shaped and smoothed for a great finish.

Paying attention to every last detail for a quality finish

When our concrete projects are ready, we take special care to provide the highest quality finish. Whether it’s a broom finish or smooth finish, we get down to the last detail.

Done Fast

Done Right